About HCU

About HCU

Harbin Cambridge University is located in the beautiful Ice City of Harbin, and was founded by the Oriental Cambridge Education Group in 1996. It was originally called Heilongjiang Cambridge Junior College. In 2001 and 2003, we successively cooperated with Harbin University of Science and Technology and Heilongjiang University to set up an independent college. In 2004, the first undergraduate majors were established. In April 2011, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, our school became a general undergraduate university, and became known as Harbin Cambridge University. Over the past 25 years, the school has made great efforts to develop its undertakings through hard work, bold innovation and excellence.

The University covers an area of 722,900 square meters, with a building area of 447,800 square meters. The total value of teaching and research equipment is 74.223 million Yuan. There are 159 laboratories (centers), 1,229,500 books and 1,556,500 electronic books in the library, and 211 off-campus practice bases.

The University consists of 9 subsidiary colleges, 2 teaching departments, including 27 undergraduate majors covering engineering, education, management, art, economics and literature. We have formed a professional layout with “engineering and education as the main subjects and coordinated development of management, art, economics and literature etc.” Among the majors, there are four “First-class Undergraduate Majors Construction Sets”, two “Key Construction Disciplines in Heilongjiang Province”; the Bachelor’s degree in Accounting is certified by CPA (the only private university to have passed the authentication in northeast China). To meet the needs of national and regional industries, Harbin Cambridge University has built an “H-shaped” discipline framework (education and engineering are given priority to development, and digitization and intelligence are closely integrated). We have also formed four major clusters including basic education, automobile service, modern service and intelligent manufacturing, thus continuously improving its ability to serve the regional economy and social development.

The University has 280 full-time teachers and 264 part-time teachers. The percentage of full-time teachers with master's and doctor’s degrees is 81.43%. There were 99 teachers with professional qualifications and working experience, accounting for 35.56% of the total. The school has many high-level leading talents, such as Russian foreign academicians, Academicians of Engineering and Technology Institute for Developing Countries, Experts of the Thousand Talents Program of Organization Department of the Central Committee, Experts of Ten Thousand Talents Program of Ministry of Science and Technology, Ten Million of Talents Program, and Talents for Rejuvenating Liaoning Province.

Harbin Cambridge University has established the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The school has built a “Five Threes” education system, which consists of education concept (Innovative Thinking, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Leadership), course curriculum (Creativity, Professional, and High-tech), training and competition platform (College Level Platform, Provincial Platform, and National Platform), expert tutor team (Professional Instructors, Innovation mentors and Enterprise Tutors), innovation and entrepreneurship service (Information Publish, Process Guidance, and Achievement Transformation). At present, Harbin Cambridge University has been approved as a typical Demonstration Base for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Chairman Unit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Branch of the Higher Graduate Employment Association of the Ministry of Education, and Permanent Establishment of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center in Heilongjiang Province. In the past three years, six staff members have been awarded the honorary titles of National Advanced Individual in Entrepreneurship Education, Top 50 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Evaluation Expert and Training Expert of the Ministry of Education, and National 10,000 Excellent Entrepreneurship Mentor of the Ministry of Education. The university has received 703 national and provincial awards for innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition, Harbin Cambridge University has won awards for two consecutive years in the “Internet +” contest (Heilongjiang division); gold medal (the only gold medal awarded to a private university in Heilongjiang province) and the number of total medals ranks first place for private colleges in Heilongjiang province; the university is ranked 19th in the Innovation and entrepreneurship index for Heilongjiang Province, and first place among private colleges (data from the national university students’ competition and teacher development platform). The innovation and entrepreneurship ability and level of students ranks at the top of similar level universities in the province.

The University strengthens connotation construction, creates educational characteristics, and improves the quality of talent cultivation and social reputation year by year. Over the past three years, the proportion of average employer satisfaction of graduates was 96.1% and the average salary of graduates was 5,022 Yuan, which was 5.4% higher than the average salary of newly established universities in China. Since its establishment, the school has sent more than 30,000 talents into society, such as PhD Xie Bing of Pai Chai University, South Korea, the self-employed graduates Zhang Yongsheng and Shen Yan, Chen Qi who is the Entrepreneurship Tutor of the Ministry of Education, Guan Jingwen who was awarded the China Telecom Scholarship.

Our school has been rated as “China’s Typical Demonstration University for Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, the first batch of “School-Enterprise Collaborative Employment, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demonstration Practice Base” of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and “the Director Unit of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Branch of the Graduate Employment Association of the Ministry of Education”. It has been awarded the honorary titles of “Civilized Campus” of Heilongjiang Province, “Outstanding Volunteer Service Organization” of Heilongjiang Province”, “Top Ten Outstanding Youth Volunteer Service Group of Heilongjiang Province”, “Civilized Campus of University System (Pacesetter)”, “Outstanding College of Chinese Private Higher Education”, among others.

The warm-hearted action, “Cloud Admissions”, gratitude education in the new semester, the First Lesson of the school, the propaganda of “My People, My Country”, and the “Red Vest” in the fight against the epidemic have been reported by People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, “Guangming Daily”, “China Education News”, “Heilongjiang Daily” and other media more than 420 times. In the 2022 Alumni Association University Rankings, our school ranks ninth in the ranking of private universities throughout China (category II).