Harbin Cambridge College Education Quality Declaration in New Era

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Harbin Cambridge College

Education Quality Declaration in New Era

Harbin, China, June 2022


A country is established by talent, and a business is prospered by talent. 

The new mission of the new era entrusts all the faculty and staff of Harbin Cambridge College to provide high-quality educational services for students, and is committed to winning the respect of employers with a quality culture centered on student growth, and is committed to winning the respect of peers for its innovative culture in the field of education. It is committed to winning the respect of the society with the organizational culture of “concerning the world, learning Chinese and Western”. To this end, we issue the following declaration:

First, morality education, bravely undertake the mission of cultivating talents for the country

It is the unswerving historical mission of all Cambridge colleagues to fully implement the Party’s educational policy, carry out the fundamental task of morality education, adhere to the direction of socialist education, serve the national strategy and regional economic and social development, and cultivate high-quality applied talents with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Second, focus on quality and promote the revolution of teaching quality

We firmly believe that quality is the lifeline of the school. Following the quality concept of adaptive education, the school plans and implements the system from the aspects of concept, standard, models, culture and systems, etc. Guided by the quality standard, the school promotes the construction of a high-level talent training system integrating disciplines, teaching, teaching materials, management and ideological and political work, constructing of a five-in-one high-level talent training system. Guided by professional authentication, we will improve the quality of first-class undergraduate programs and first-class courses.Actively build the quality standards of “Internet + Education” and “smart education” to promote the innovative development of education paradigm in the new era.

Third, pay attention to development and implement diversified education model

Facing economic and social development, centering on student development, breaking the boundaries of schools, disciplines, majors and classrooms, building a new interdisciplinary professional organization model, promoting the cross-integration of disciplines and majors, and promoting the coordinated development of production, learning, research, application, and innovation, promote the renewal of the knowledge system, build a sustainable development of quality system with full cycle, full chain, and full elements of talent training, build a diversified application-oriented talent training and education model, and provide students with high-quality educational services.

Fourth, strengthen the enterprising spirit; enhance the application of education innovation

Actively adapt to the needs of new technologies, new formats, new models, and new industries, pay attention to the overall reputation of the quality of education, teaching and talent training in the society, and introduce the latest achievements and practical experience into the classroom through a firm quality strategy and excellent organizational capabilities. Through the transformation of “course thinking ideology, course thinkingpractice, course thinking quality, course thinking innovation, and course thinking communication” into high-quality educational resources, we can cultivate students’ cross-domain knowledge integration ability and comprehensive practical ability, and help students get high-quality employment.

Fifth, increase investment and guarantee school running conditions

Continue to increase capital investment, through the construction of leading function, keeping up with frontier information, the integration of production and education experiment teaching center, expand employment-based practice bases, enrich books and literature and excellent teaching case resources, improve academy-style dormitory conditions, and create high-quality logistics support system, and continuously meets the students’ desire for a good learning and living environment.

Sixth, gather the strength to improve the quality of the teaching staff

Establish a good teacher’s morality and style, build a team of full-time and part-time coordination, sufficient number, reasonable structure, and high-quality teachers with rich experience, guide teachers to stand up by virtue, learn by virtue, and teach by virtue, strengthen discipline support, use noble educational sentiment, excellent professional quality, and excellent professional ability, assume the responsibility of guiding the healthy growth of students.

Seventh, innovate bravely and explore the reform of personnel system

Attract and stabilize first-class talents to teach, improve the teacher development system, create a good environment conducive to the sustainable development of teachers, comprehensively improve teacher education and teaching ability, reform the teacher evaluation system, implement performance appraisal for all staff, and increase rewards for teachers with outstanding teaching performance. To stimulate the innovative vitality of the teaching team, guide teachers to devote themselves to teaching and educating people, and enjoy the professional happiness of recruiting and educating talents all over the world.

Eighth, internalize the criteria, nurturing the quality culturewith unique characteristics

Establish a quality culture of self-consciousness, self-examination, self-discipline, self-inspection and self-correction, strengthen quality management, use modern information technology, establish a quality evaluation mechanism combining point-to-area, periodic evaluation and normal monitoring, and internalize quality requirements into teachers as the common value pursuit and code of conduct of students, and promote the continuous improvement of the quality of talent training.


This Declaration, written in Chinese and English, was adopted in Harbin, China on June 22, 2022.